Vaxxinova Norway AS is a pharmaceutical company, working closely with the aquaculture industry in Norway and internationally. Vaxxinova Norway was established in 2010 with headquarters in Bergen. Our staff has extensive experience in research and development and production and monitoring of vaccines.

Fish welfare

Our main focus areas are diagnostics and vaccine development, and our goal is to contribute to good fish welfare. Development of vaccines for the aquaculture industry is important for our society as vaccination is a preventive measure that saves fish from disease. In Norway Vaxxinova is the leading company in the development and sale of autogenous vaccines. Autogenous vaccines are vaccines that contain bacterial or viral strains from individual aquaculture sites or from diseased fish in a limited geographical area. In today’s aquaculture, wrasse, lumpfish, halibut, arctic charr, cod, trout, salmon, sea bass, sea bream and tilapia are affected by various virus and bacteria for which there are currently not any available vaccines on the market today.

The highest quality

We can help you identify the causative agent(s) and can develop autogenous vaccines within 8-12 weeks. We can offer high quality products and are constantly working on developing new and improved products and solutions. Vaxxinova Norway is part of Vaxxinova International which has its headquarter in the Netherlands, with regional offices in Germany, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Jordan, Thailand, USA and Norway. Through the different Vaxxinova companies we have access to extensive expertise and many years of experience in research, development, production and use of autogenous vaccines in different species.

Student collaboration

We currently have no student collaboration, but welcome your inquiries.


Vaxxinova is a fast-growing company and we can offer academically interesting and challenging positions with good colleagues within an international pharmaceutical company.

We are working in the fields of molecular biology, microbiology, bacteriology, virology, fish health, administration etc. We also have opportunities for cooperation with Master- and PhD students.

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