Research & Development

Research and development of vaccines for fish takes place in our laboratories at Marineholmen in Bergen. Vaxxinova has a strong team of specialists with focus on vaccination. Our research team aim to improve all aspects of vaccine production. In addition to vaccines, we develop new methods for diagnostics for both known and novel species.

We cooperate with research institutes and universities both nationally and internationally, and regularly takes part in projects with Master- and PhD students.

Together with our sister company AquaGen we are looking into the area of pharmacogenetics, and the importance of variation in genes and the effect on vaccine response. This is a subject that we believe will be of great importance in the development of successful fish vaccines in the future.

Development of vaccines for fish and livestock is important for our society. Vaccines save animals from disease, and help to make food production more resource efficient. Vaccines are preventive and help to reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics.


Dag Knappskog